Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

Our office specializes in personal injury law serving Oakland, CA and the surrounding areas.

I provide dedicated legal representation to accident victims and their families in case of injury or death due to vehicles, defective products, premises liability, dog attacks, nursing home abuse or neglect, and claims for property damage from fire and landslide.


Wins For Clients

The Law Offices of Robert Breecker have won millions of dollars in settlement for our clients. Landmark cases include a $2.5 million settlement for a client injured in a vehicle rollover caused by a defective tire and a $1.1 million settlement for a client who suffered severe psychological and financial injuries after being attacked by a dog.

Children left behind by parents can be a tough situation. Robert Breecker can provide legal representation to help families through these tragic situations.

Robert Breecker can provide legal representation to help families through tragic situations.

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Personal Injury Lawyer: Expect Superior Service 

As your personal injury lawyer, we commit to these standards of service for the duration of your case:

〉  Keep you informed.Return your phone calls promptly.
〉  Provide you with copies of all documents related your case.
〉  Answer your questions in plain English.



When we represent you as a plaintiff in a personal injury or property damage case, we do so on a contingency fee basis. This means that the fees we charge are calculated as a percentage of the settlement amount we successfully recover for your injuries or damages. If we do not recover anything from the insurance company or the defendant - we do not charge a fee.

Different fee structures apply to different services. For example, if you have been sued, we will charge an hourly fee for the time we spend on your case. Alternatively, if you have you have been in a car accident in which you were injured and your car was damaged, we will not charge any fees for handling your vehicle damage claim.


Our Clients Say:

"I didn’t have the time or energy to deal with the insurance carrier after a driver rear-ended my car on the highway. The faulty driver’s insurance claimed they wouldn’t pay the policy limit which I needed to pay my medical expenses. As soon as I hired Robert Breecker my stress level dropped so I could focus on other matters in my life. My case was settled in a timely matter and I was compensated with the policy limit for my pain and suffering.  I found Mr. Breecker is very easy to speak with. He answered all my questions so I could understand the legal process. I’m going to highly recommend Mr. Breecker’s services to family and friends when they need legal assistance." – P.J., Oakland

Legal Representation For:

Car Accidents

Brain Injuries

Defective products

Dog bites

Fire and Burn injuries

Motorcycle accidents

Slip and Fall

Truck accidents

Wrongful death

Bicycle accidents

Neck and Back Injuries

Nursing Home abuse

Elder abuse and neglect

Spinal Cord injuries


Pedestrian injuries